Hazard Analysis - Daily Site Specific Hazard Analysis as well as a Site Specific Safety Plan conducted by the site lead and reviewed as a crew before any work begins. Weekly Safety Meetings will be conducted by a supervisor and reviewed as a company. These daily and weekly meetings enable us to proactively identify potential hazards.

Safety Officer - An elected safety officer performs random job site inspections. This maintains the high level of accountability on which we pride ourselves.

Drug and Alcohol Policy - Strict drug and alcohol "Zero Tolerance" policy includes pre-employment, random, and formality testing.

Training - All employees are subject to orientation and task training before allowed access to jobsites.

"Flex" - Employees and office staff are encouraged to stretch before beginning work. Not only does this get oxygen to the muscles, but helps reduce strains and sprains.

Reports - All injuries, accidents, and "close calls" will be reported immediately to the site lead. Reports must be filed by all employees with first-hand knowledge of the incident. All reports will be reviewed by a supervisor and the Safety Officer. Upon review, appropriate action will be taken.